DUOZ° Bundle - AETØNZ & RUIDOZ in a single package





RUIDOZ V.2 is a beat generator based on the randomization of samples events. This sound design instrument can create rhythmical sequences and a wide variety of sound textures.

It’s also a collection of 340 micro samples that aim to be part of rhythmic kits.

RUIDOZ is organized with a step sequencer that triggers one sound on every gate events. Nothing new here, apart that when the random mode is enable, this process creates an interesting flux of sample changes.

An ADSR enveloppe, a filter, an auto pan, a compressor and a reverb are here to sculpt the basic shapes.

These mutant sequences can also be manipulated in realtime with the 2 included Auto FX. Every effect processors have 2 parameters which can be modulated and these modulations can be recorded in live.


AETØNZ, a virtual sampler synth for playing poly harmonic textures. Add new juice to your Reaktor library with this fresh instrument !

This hybrid sampler is a collection of 114 tones of various electronic and acoustic instruments. Based on 2 resynth engines and a line of 6 effects aimed to contextualize your sound, AETØNZ shows an other way to use granular synthesis for rearranging classic analogs and digitals tones.

By merging the 2 signals of the sampler, AETØNZ lets you create new keyboard sets with subliminal background textures. These back layer sounds are generated randomly on every notes and can produce fascinating soundscapes and experimental timbres.

As a good source of inspiration, AETØNZ comes with more than 200 snapshots on which you can improvise in realtime and invent surprising polytonals chords.

Play further notes in scale, you get random combination of textures that stay in tune. The sound is moving .. but the harmony is still !

Sometime it sounds weird, sometime it generates rich atmospheres .. you will always get something different !


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Price with taxes or VAT included is $33,86 // 29,99€ ///////////////////. Get instant download of RUIDOZ and AETØNZ ensembles for Reaktor in one package. Include user guide and full license (can be read at www.blinksonic.com). This license offers unlimited updates on each products.

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DUOZ° Bundle - AETØNZ & RUIDOZ in a single package